Life is not what happens to you.

Life is what happens to you, when you respond to what happens to you.

And mindfulness is the super power that helps you respond skillfully.

I have a dream...

Why do you have to go to a monastery to find calm & equanimity? Why are some of the most critical skills we need at work and in life not being taught anywhere? What if we could acquire wellbeing through everyday life?

These were some of the questions that started arising for Gopi Krishnaswamy, our founder when he was living at Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Monastery. As he started to realise some of the answers to these questions, he also started to discover his own purpose in life and started to teach mindfulness.

At some point, spurred on by a vision to teach these skills at a large scale and encouraged by the results he was seeing, he envisioned the idea of Llama.

Gopi Krishnaswamy is an alumnus of INSEAD and has been in senior leadership roles including one as a Managing Director at IDEO. He is a best selling author, a sought-after speaker and also a teacher at Google born SIY Global.

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Get into a journey of boundless creativity with “Creativity Unleashed” This international bestseller challenges the myth of innate talent, offering a practical 48-day guide that blends ancient meditation techniques with modern methods to tap into your creative potential. Through engaging storytelling and a playful style, it becomes your trusted companion for reigniting inspiration and innovation. Get ready to awaken your creativity today!

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