Supriya is a Leadership Coach and EI trainer, with a head for languages and a heart for people development. She has worked with over 8000 participants from 30 different nationalities across various sectors in 15 countries and bringis a wealth of knowledge to her learners

All magic is revealed in the here and now. Stepping in and accessing this magic is the art of creative living and leading


Supriya possesses expertise in Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence training, Her near-native proficiency in over 5 languages – both European and Indian – give her that added edge to connect effortlessly with people from all geographies.

With over 10000 hours of training experience in over 15 countries and having worked with over 8000 participants from over 30 different nationalities, she brings to her learners, her vast experience across sectors such as automotive, IT, language and culture, embedded systems and much more.

Her hobbies include cooking, yoga and dancing, though not all at the same time!

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Mindfulness for Cultural Intelligence in Teams

Mindfulness based Intercultural Leadership

Mindfulness based Conflict Management

Building Trust Based High Performance Teams

1/1 CXO coaching

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