Hariparasad Varma

 Hariprasad Varma is an Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator with eight years experience designing and curating leadership journeys for senior level professionals, artists, and leaders in corporate and social sectors.

All magic is revealed in the here and now. Stepping in and accessing this magic is the art of creative living and leading


After working with Google and Amazon, Hari’s journey has been one of rediscovering and reimagining what it means to live a life that creates a context for personal unfoldment and the fulfillment that simultaneously enlivens self, other, and the context one is in.

His work with senior leaders and managers integrates teachings from diverse fields such as mindfulness, agile mindset, interactive theater, and emotional intelligence. He is certified in various physical and mental therapy forms, including yoga and Somatic experience. Hari is also an active columnist for the Live mint.

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